Rector's message

LFA Commandant

"Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy, successor of the military traditions of the first School of Officer in Romania, set up in Bucharest on June 13, 1847, is the military higher education institution that assumed the mission to educate young officers for the Land Forces of the Romanian Army.

Situated in the centre of the country, in Sibiu, a town that harmoniously combines the historic past with the present, having a tradition of over 170 years in the field of Romanian military education, the Land Forces Academy offers outstanding training opportunities to those who decide to attend its courses. Having an exceptional teaching staff and modern training facilities, abreast with the reality of the current operational environment, offering programs of study subject to periodic evaluations, internships in the country or in educational institutions abroad through the Erasmus+ program and involving cadets in extracurricular sports and recreation activities, our institution has followed a path of institutional confirmation year after year.

Being in a continuous process of structural and functional adjustments, the academy adopted the current regulatory framework in line with the requirements promoted within the European states by the Bologna Process, while the development of educational curriculum in the areas of undergraduate studies and the differentiation of standards by training levels (Bachelor's and Master's degrees) opened opportunities for the transformation of the "Nicolae Bălcescu" Land Forces Academy into a centre of excellence in education and research.

In 2016, after the process of institutional evaluation, the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education granted HIGH CONFIDENCE RATING to our institution, for a second consecutive time.

Based on a rich academic offer, the education of the students at the Land Forces Academy is based on the effective join of three main pillars: academic, military, and physical training. The willingness to make long-term physical and mental efforts, the ambition, dedication and perseverance as well as the continuous acquisition of knowledge, and desire for self-improvement are some of the boons that need to be addressed during the study period at the Land Forces Academy. Upon the completion of studies, each graduate who will step beyond the gates of our institution will be a good military specialist, fighter, organization leader, educator and citizen in support of the nation.

The activity of the Land Forces Academy is centered on undisputed values: COUNTRY, HONOUR, DUTY, and the salute of the military academic community of Sibiu is "SEMPER UNA!"

I ADDRESS this salute to all who will decide to join our institution as students or partners.

BG Prof.Eng. Ghiţă BARSAN, PhD
Commandant (Rector) of the “Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy

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