Research publications:

       • The Scientific Bulletin

    The Scientific Bulletin of the Land Forces Academy seeks to highlight, first of all, the results of the theoretical studies and scientific investigations carried out in the framework of national and international research grants and projects, as well as the contributions of leading personalities of contemporary national and international science. Based on the need to integrate higher education with scientific research and training practice, the Scientific Bulletin of the Land Forces Academy provides the optimal framework for debating some aspects, phenomena and fundamental processes specific to the army and other areas of society.

    The ideas, the content and the way of designing and accepting the articles within each number have the desirability of disseminating and capitalizing them both for the purpose of substantiating new theoretical models and research projects, as well as for the modernization of the university education.

    The bulletin is biannual.

       • The Land Forces Academy Review

    The Land Forces Academy Review is the visit card of the Land Forces Academy and is meant to make known the results of the research activity carried out by academics in the country and abroad.

    By proposing a diversified structure, the publication contributes to the development of collaboration with other scientific publications, military and civilian higher education institutions from the country and abroad.

    The magazine is published 4 times a year.

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